Accelerate your DevSecOps approach by offering
solutions with higher quality and safety

We combine our experience and Checkmarx solutions to raise the assurance and quality standards of your launches through intelligent, continuous, automatic and agile tests.

How to drive a culture of quality and safety through a continuous and automated testing approach?

Transforming work that was previously manual through testing strategies thanks to the use of a good tool is essential to achieve progress in a culture of quality.

Checkmarx offers solutions that automate all security testing processes that allow developers to add value, deliver faster, with better quality and security.

Significantly reduces costs and eliminates vulnerability issues

The platform is designed for the DevSecOps approach and revolutionizes the way teams test and release applications. Redefines the role of security in the SDLC by making testing more agile by facilitating feedback loops and bug fixes.

Do you want to know more about the application?

3 advantages of having Checkmarx:

Speed amid complexity / encode more. Worry less.

Get frictionless security that's as brilliant as the code you're writing, seamlessly integrated with your development workflow, giving you the insight you need to conquer your commitments.

Seamless security coverage / application security at lightning speed.

You create the security barriers. We'll give you the automation, results, and precision you need to keep development speeding.

Basic application security/leveraging expert knowledge.

We live and breathe security so you can leverage our industry-leading research, technology, and deep expertise to drive your application security practice forward.

Checkmarx One

Single application security platform

Identifies vulnerabilities during software development by scanning application source code, and helps you quickly prioritize and remediate security issues.

Checkmarx Solutions:

Checkmarx SAST

It provides fast and accurate full or incremental scans, and gives you the flexibility, accuracy, integrations, and coverage to secure your applications.

Checkmarx SCA

Analyzes your developments for risks in third-party libraries and components, provides recommended updates, and ensures license compliance.

Checkmarx DAST

Some vulnerabilities cannot be detected in the source code. They can only be found by testing the app live and analyzing its behavior while under attack.

Checkmarx IaC

Infrastructure as Code.

Iac Security offers a flexible and extensible solution to integrate IaC security scanning into your existing software delivery cycle.

Checkmarx API Security

It provides organizations with the most accurate and up-to-date view of their entire API attack surface, eliminating the problem of hidden or zombie APIs.

Checkmarx Codebashing

Codebashing teaches developers to code securely and proactively as part of a modern, integrated application security awareness program.

Secure development with Tsoft

Solutions that go hand in hand with management

PST exists to accompany companies to apply and accelerate Lean, Agile, DevSecOps and SRE approaches to Business cells
System Teams, optimizing workflows.

We designed this solution from Tsoft to improve the management of our clients’ resources, avoiding future problems and achieving a successful implementation of tools such as Chechmarx.

At Tsoft we work every day to accompany each organization in promoting a culture of quality throughout the development cycle.

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