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Based on CloudBees solutions and our experience in DevOps and IT, we facilitate the implementation of best practices, auditing and compliance in relation to continuous integration practices at scale and release orchestration, allowing you to innovate faster and with higher quality and security.

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Managing and sizing Jenkins can be the first step

Jenkins is a leading CI/CD tool. But as teams expand, multiplying pipelines can become a challenge. Tsoft solutions based on Cloudbees give you the possibility to manage many Jenkins instances with efficiency, centralized visibility and cost reduction. But they also allow you much more, including generating an entire integrated, standardized and fully scalable platform for CI / CD, and DevOps teams.

Agile, scalable, trusted, and federated governance with developer autonomy

Managing CloudBees makes Jenkins enterprise-ready by providing scalability and flexibility to the team while maintaining a balance between performance and security. All this with low costs and administrative risks.

The CloudBees platform supports both deployment on traditional architectures as well as more modern architectures that take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and allow development teams to experiment, innovate, and mitigate the risks of affecting other teams. This architecture enables security and regulatory compliance, while enabling cross-team collaboration and best practice information sharing.

CloudBees Software Delivery Automation CI

Based on Jenkins, CloudBees CI extends the functionality of Jenkins by incorporating best practices, fast management, as well as security and compliance features. It provides a centrally managed and shared Continuous Integration service, but offers a self-service experience for engineering teams.

CloudBees CI Key Benefits

CloudBees Software Delivery Automation CD/RO

It is a unified Application Release Orchestration platform that gives organizations control and scalability of their software delivery cycles, enabling them to accelerate time to market, increase the quality and reliability of software deployment, and enforce compliance. corporate governance, security and compliance in a consistent, predictable manner.

CloudBees CD Key Benefits

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