Vulnerabilities and risks under control

Facilitate decision-making thanks to obtaining objective data on the security level of your code, the quality of your developments and the performance of your teams and software providers in an agile and collaborative environment.

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Reduce risks with a
clear action plan

We help you define a plan based on your safety and quality objectives, through “What-if” simulations, which allow you to analyze different scenarios while evaluating progress with monitoring boards and correcting deviations. Maximize your results with less effort and the detail you need at the line-of-code level.

Make decisions with
accurate information

Get complete visibility and control of your applications and make decisions, with objective reports, on the risks associated with security, maintainability, performance and reliability. Identify the most insecure ones, which ones need improvements and which ones you must replace, and choose the best provider for their development and maintenance in each technology.

Get all the benefits


Management of the application portfolio


Management of development providers

Bug tracking

Code review

Management Software of Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability assessment

Resource discovery

Policy management

Risk management


Library management Open Source

Component identification

Analysis and risk reduction

Vulnerability detection

Obsolescence management


An essential tool for
development teams

Protect your code at every step

The platform offers static security analysis (SAST) and open source library management for your entire application portfolio.

With Kiuwan solutions, we help you make difficult decisions while reducing costs, mitigating risks and measuring objectives, with the widest coverage of languages and integrations with third parties, among other benefits.

Support for +30 programming languages

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