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We boost your organization through test automation and continuous testing to deliver innovative solutions in record time.

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More quality, less stress

As pioneers in test automation in Latin America and with more than 20 years of experience in software quality assurance, at Tsoft we help organizations implement intelligent continuous tests, supported by Tricentis solutions, optimizing the use of time and money invested. in building applications.

Leader in Continuous Testing

Named a market leader by Forrester and Gartner in their respective reports, Tricentis offers “one of the most comprehensive and well-integrated continuous testing platforms on the market.” It stands out for facilitating continuous testing in canned applications, as well as custom development, with broad support for different technologies.

Tricentis Solutions

Through AI, with a code-free automation approach and support for more than 160 enterprise technologies and applications such as SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle and others, Tricentis frees your organization to innovate faster, reducing business risk and costs. test cycle times up to 80%.

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and know all the Tricentis solutions that we can offer you

Why use Tricentis?

  • Helps speed up the software delivery cycle, reducing time spent on testing.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence to optimize tests.

  • Eliminate errors, increasing the quality of the software and providing greater credibility to the solutions.

  • It allows the reduction of costs and the increase of the quality and efficiency of the applications.

About Tricentis

Tricentis was founded in 2007 in Austria, and since then has worked to help companies implement Continuous Testing and improve software quality, on the path to Digital Transformation. The first step was the creation of Tosca, focused on facilitating end-to-end test automation. Over the years, other solutions have been added to the portfolio to bring simplicity to the business layer.

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