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The demand is met and your budgets are kept under control

Simpler processes for your organization to start getting all the benefits

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Cost standardization

Your budgets will be controlled due to the visible price lists that ensure compliance and channeling of all the technology department requests.

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Shorter management times

Thanks to our seasoned team, we can help you reduce the time spent managing Testing Factory services quotes.

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Tailored services

We ensure a successful Testing Factory implementation because we offer a framework that is 100% adjustable to the needs of each business.


Flexible but robust, capable of adjusting to the needs of your business


Service management

Assignment of experienced and qualified collaborators to lead and tackle the demand of requests, solving issues and establishing a continuous and efficient communication between the team and the client.

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Testing services

Versatility to incorporate different types of testing according to what the business needs: manual and automated testing, performance testing, code inspections, data and environment testing management, among others.

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We implement the method that best suits the organizational culture of your company, whether it is that the Testing Factory services be embedded in a traditional (or cascade) method or that it gives support to agile teams with automated testing.



Get flexibility for your Testing Factory tool layer, which includes the possibility to implement the service with the tools your organization already has in place or to get support to implement solutions from our partners.

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Roles y Profiles

You will have the right experienced profiles on board to work based on the roles and responsibilities that were defined and agreed to with each client in each case.

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Service optimization according to performance follow-up. Thus, when it’s time to implement a Testing Factory, we define the indicators that will go with the service levels agreement together with the client.




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