Case of Success

BCI revolutionizes its operating system with digital transformation


Understanding the beginnings

The main objective of BCI is to make life easier for its clients and this translates into offering them a simple and convenient way to manage their finances.

Luis Dujovne, Head of DevOps and Quality Assurance (QA) at Bci comments that previously they had a rigid and archaic system that prevented flexibility and adaptation to new developments in the sector and keeping pace with time to market.

His mission was focused on carrying out a large-scale transformation that would integrate technology, culture and talent into the company itself.


You can download the success story (content in Spanish)


The competitive pressure facing the financial services sector has become more apparent with the emergence of fintech start-ups, in addition to existing telcos and social media platforms also struggling to gain market share. potentially lucrative.

Recognizing the problem

At Tsoft we have previously supported and collaborated with Bci by implementing a set of test solutions for Micro Focus applications, but with the previous work structure there were no general test controls or precise test coverage, which also required manual effort.

This forced having to duplicate the tests, creating difficulties when expanding the activities when the workload increased.

En búsqueda de soluciones

Work began with a focus on improving collaborative work and automating tests to optimize processes by implementing the correct combination of solutions that would support their strategies.

Thanks to the support of Tsoft, the Bci team was able to optimize the application test environment.

Results of the transformation process

In addition to technological improvements, work was done to give greater importance to the work carried out by the quality control (QA) team and to improve collaboration between IT and the business.

 Dujovne is especially proud of the transformation experienced by the 190 QA team, who are now considered highly valued business partners to the organization who can help deliver results quickly.